May Update

Dear Friends,

1. I am so excited to tell you that God has provided the funds to complete the first phase of construction of Victory Primary School!  Our team in Uganda held a dedication and thanksgiving service on May 17th, and officially opened the building! Praise God! It was a grand celebration of God’s love and faithfulness that would not have been possible without the prayers and support of all of you. We now have the bathrooms and kitchen that are necessary for full accreditation of our school. 
Here is a picture of Herbert showing the guests the new kitchen:


2. We are immediately moving on to Phase 2 of our project, which is 4 classrooms on the second floor of the building. These children are performing on what will soon be their classroom floors!

MayUpdate_kids singing.jpeg

We have 4 classes currently meeting in the corners of the church building, so these classrooms will provide the space we need.

Our educators have been doing such a great’s just exciting to be able to give them some facilities to work with.

So please continue to pray. The completion of Phase 1 is a huge milestone, but there is much work yet to be done. Tell your friends and family to come join us in this exciting project!

3. We have just received many first term school reports, so I will be getting those to you in the coming days. It’s a great time to write and encourage your children. Always focus on the positive & look for ways to share God’s love and yours with them!

4. We will be receiving a new group of children soon, so pray with me for sponsors to invest in their young lives. We have 5 sponsors waiting now, which is such a blessing!

If you know anyone interested in sponsorship, send them to to fill out the sponsor form, and I will contact them when our new group arrives.

5. This is our Justine Kisakye, when she first came to us in 2013....

Justice Kisakye.jpg

Justine’s father died and her mother has been very sick with HIV for years. Justine was sponsored by my niece Jill when Victory 1:27 was first launched and Jill was just a college student.

Here is an excerpt from a recent post by Jill:

“God gave me such a gift when He gave Justine to me some 6 years ago. Our lives are really different...she lives on the other side of the world , in a culture ridden with AIDS and homelessness and hopelessness. I got involved just wanting to help children in need receive food, shelter, and education & God took what little I’ve been offering and did so much more...

Do you see the joy, the hope on her face? Good grief, I love that girl!”

The picture on the right is recent picture of Justine. She is now studying to be a teaching assistant at vocational school, and we are hoping she will soon be working at our Victory Primary School! 

Justine is just one beautiful example of why this ministry is so important, and how God is using our offering to change lives. Jill & her husband Jacob, just like every one of you, are making an impact for eternity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Much Love,