New Children and a New School

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to tell you that just this week we have welcomed 8 new children into our Victory 1:27 family. The incredible thing is that God had sponsors waiting for all of them. That is such a blessing! (If you know someone interested in sponsorship, please have them fill out a sponsor form at

I look at the faces of these kids and I know that their lives are about to change forever. We are bringing them life-giving hope, stability that they have never known, and the promise of an education that will enable them to break the cycle of poverty. Remember that our kids are the poorest of the poor, living in the slums outside of Kampala. The fact that God is calling someone across the ocean to pray for them, provide for them, and invest in them is evidence of just how much He loves them, and how precious they are in His sight. Thank you for being rescuers and for showing your love for your Savior by loving these children.

This is one of our newest, Faith Namataka. She comes from a polygamous Muslim family. Her mother Mariam accepted Christ as her Savior and was forced to leave their home with Faith and her sister Brenda. She hasn’t been able to find work, and is just struggling to survive with her girls. Now those girls have sponsors who will pray for them, love them and provide for them. That is an answered prayer for their sweet mother Mariam!

Faith Namataka.jpg

Our team in Uganda is hard at work on Victory Primary School.  They are doing a great job! If you have been considering donating to this project, now is the perfect time. We are getting ready to do the flooring, while finishing the septic system, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. We are in the home stretch! Our P5 and P6 classes have already started school, and the rest of the classes will start next week. We need to finish this building as soon as we can. Pray for wisdom and God’s provision. ( construction fund)


I’m still receiving the last of our letters and school reports for the third term. If you have received either one, it’s a perfect time to write to your child to encourage their hearts, and encourage them in their studies.(Email your letter to me at and put your child’s first and last name in the subject line) Your letters are cherished and read again and again!

Here is an excerpt from Sharon’s letter to her sponsor...


“ Thank you very much for entrusting part of your wealth for my school fees, advice, holiday gifts, letters, and time to my education. Just have it in mind that your daughter in Uganda is making it.”

Much Love,