May Update

Dear Friends,

It has been a very busy month for Victory 1:27.  We are excited about all that God is doing! Here are a few highlights...

1. New Children. 


We received 10 new children into our Victory 1:27 family in April. Their stories are all heart wrenching, but the moment they receive a sponsor, their life changes forever. This is Evans...

His father abandoned the family with four children, and mom has left to try to find work to support them. Evans is currently living with his older sister. It has been amazing to watch God provide sponsors for each of our new kids, knowing He has chosen them specifically to invest in His children. If you know someone who is interested in sponsorship, have them fill out the sponsor form on Victory If you are a new sponsor, welcome to the family! 

2. Speaking opportunities.

We had the opportunity to travel to Millersburg, PA in April to share the ministry at David’s Community Bible Church. What a sweet group of believers. It was awesome to see another church who was willing to come alongside us in our mission. 

We also travelled to Lake of the Woods church in Locust Grove, Va to take part in their missions conference. We are grateful for their support of our ministry and excited about new sponsors that God provided in both of these churches!


3. Term Payments

Just a quick reminder that if you are paying per term, your payment of $140 is due before May 10th.  If your yearly payment is due this month, I will contact you individually. Thank you to all of you who are so faithful to get your monthly payments in on time!

4. Victory House

The first floor of Victory House is nearing completion! Rising fuel prices and a shortage of cement have created more challenges and delays, but we are hoping to move our teachers in this month. This is a picture from yesterday, when they were pouring the cement slub that will be the roof of the first floor.


5. Victory Primary School.

We are excited to tackle the first phase of school construction, as soon as the first floor of Victory House is completed. We are going to provide bathrooms, kitchen, and classroom space for this group of amazing young boys and girls. We started with 3 children in kindergarten in 2012, and now we are educating 93 children in 3 levels of kindergarten and Primary 1-5. This is a picture of the students just a few weeks ago!

Pole Structure.png

You also may remember the pole structure behind the students. That was constructed last year to provide shelter for the children in children’s church, and we left the funds to put on a roof when we were in Uganda last Feb. With the overwhelming need for classroom space this year, our team made blocks and enclosed the structure. It looks very different than it did last year!

Praise God! Our team in Uganda is very resourceful and God multiplies very dollar we send. We are praying for many of God’s people to join us in the construction of Victory Primary School. This is a huge project for our small ministry, but we serve a very big God who is so faithful to provide! Any donation to our construction fund, no matter how large or small, will make an impact. Check out the construction page on our website,, for more information.

6. Invest

Please continue to pray daily for your child and write to them when you get a chance. If you are a new sponsor, please write and introduce yourselves to your child. Email all correspondence to me at jan@victory and put your child’s first and last name in the subject line. Share with them what God is teaching you, what’s happening in your life, and encourage them in their faith. You have been given a unique opportunity to pour into the life of a child in need. Don’t take that lightly. God has blessed us in this country beyond measure, and what a privilege to be able to share those blessings with others. 

“Dear Friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love each other, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” I John 4:11-12

Much Love,