Dear Friends,

Christmas is coming and we would like to make it an incredible day of celebration for our Ugandan Friends. Look for a bright red envelope in your mailbox that will give you all of the details!


Basically, our mission is four-fold:

1. A big day of celebration and food for the entire community.

2. Gifts and letters for our Victory 1:27 children.

3. An outreach to families who have no food for Christmas dinner.

4. Appreciation for the police officers who desperately need encouragement.

What we need from you is two-fold:

1. Email a letter for your child to

2. Send a contribution to make it all possible. ( Choose Christmas offering in the drop down menu)

We need both of these by Nov 15th to allow our team in Uganda the time to purchase individualized gifts for our children. 

Breaking news...we received 9 new children this week! Their pictures are on the website, so pray with me that God will provide sponsors for each one of them.

Our new children are Deborah, Phionah, Zaha, Joshua, Darlin, Davis, Zaake, Abubeker, and Isa. With our new additions we now have 120 children in our V1:27 family. Praise God!

This is Deborah. She has never been in school, her mother and siblings were about to be evicted when Herbert stepped in this week, and they hadn’t eaten in 3 days. By the grace of God, she will go to school for the very first time next week. Our rice and beans offerings are helping to feed her family, and your contributions to our general fund will enable us to pay their rent for the next few months. God is so good.


Thank you for your involvement in our Christmas project. We need every one of you to make it a success. How exciting for Deborah and others to receive their very first Christmas gift!

A quick note of encouragement for you...Our Joshua Aliima recently wrote to his sponsor “It is you who have drawn me closer to God.”  Your words matter.

Watch for your red envelope!

Much Love,