August Update

Dear Friends,
1. Our teachers are moving in to Victory House! What an answer to prayer. 
Just one year ago, Herbert contacted me about a piece of property that was for sale near the church. We stepped out in faith & believed God for that land, and He provided the funds to purchase it in just five days! The plans were drawn and construction began. Once again it has been an exercise in faith, watching this building come together and now provide a home for our teachers and their families. Thank you to all of you who have prayed and invested in this project!


Here is a picture of our hard-working teachers who will be living there. They are a wonderful group of committed believers who are determined to put these children on a path to success. We are very thankful for each one of them!


2. The walls are also rising on Victory Primary School! This is an even bigger project, but God continues to challenge us to greater faith. He is prompting hearts and we are excited about the progress. Please continue to pray about every aspect of construction, for wisdom and guidance and supernatural provision. What a difference this building will make for our students and teachers!


3. The children are finishing up the second term of school next week, so pray for them as they study and prepare for exams. To celebrate the end of the term, our students at Victory Primary School went on a field trip last week to visit the Ugandan parliament and also a bread factory. I love this picture of the children each taking home a loaf of bread. What a treasure!


4. We have a small group of 6 who are headed to Uganda in October. We will be checking out all aspects of the ministry, seeking to be an encouragement to our friends there, and hugging as many of your children as possible. I will send you more info soon, but please pray as we prepare for this journey!

5. It looks like we may have a new group of children coming soon, so please let me know of anyone who is interested in sponsorship. Currently we have 111 children, and we are always excited to welcome new children & sponsors into our Victory 1:27 family. 

6. Pray for your child today & if you haven’t written to them recently, please send them a note! They love to hear from you! Email all letters to me at and I will forward them on to Uganda, where our team will print and deliver. 

Lives are being changed. Children are being rescued. The hungry are being fed. The hopeless are given hope. The uneducated are given an opportunity for education. Your investment is making a huge impact in a poverty-stricken country. Thank you for your faithfulness. To God be the Glory!

Much Love,