Sponsor Testimonials: 

The Rogers Family:


For my husband and I, sponsoring a child through Victory 1:27 has become so much more than just supporting a ministry started by a family member.  We have had the awesome privilege to travel to Uganda and meet Our Child, Joshua!  We have seen the needs he and his family have  – up close and personal – and we’ve also experienced the love and gratitude they give in return for our support.  We have worked side by side with teachers as they teach, school administrators, cooks as they prepare food, Pastors as they minister to people that are hungry, both physically and spiritually.

God has allowed us the privilege to be the outstretched arms of each of the sponsors!  To receive love and hugs and thanks from so many children has been such a blessing and made an eternal impression on our hearts.  These children are beyond their years in wisdom.  They realize the impact each sponsor has on their lives, and the opportunities they have been given.  That’s what makes it worthwhile.

Joshua and his family are in our thoughts and prayers every day.  “Before I had only heard about you, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”  Job 42:5

Greg & Lori Rogers

The Jenkins Family:


When I started attending Mountain View, I had the chance to learn about Victory 1:27.  Over the next couple of months, I could not stop thinking about the children of Victory 1:27.  I know God was leading Lewis and I to become sponsors.  Once a sponsor, you become the lifeline to a child who depends upon you for all their needs (food, clothing, education, and love).  Seeing pictures of the children of Uganda, I knew we had to become sponsors.  The children needed help and I knew that Lewis and I could do that for a child.  The hardest thing was in choosing a child to sponsor because they all needed help.  When I saw the picture of Stephen, I knew he was the one.   He was the same age as our granddaughter Alianna.  This child needed our help to overcome the poverty, lack of food and poor living conditions he was living in.  We are so blessed to be able to provide for Stephen and ensure a bright future for him.  He brings joy to our hearts and is a part of our family.  We may live far away from Stephen, but he remains close in our hearts.

Kathryn Crouthamel:

5 Years ago, my dad came back from Uganda with this picture of Precious and I took one look at her and knew my heart was hers forever. It is still something I can’t fully grasp or explain, but after hearing more about her family story, I knew God was specifically calling me to start doing what I could do to make a difference in her life. I told mom “SHE is the one I want to sponsor.” As a college student without a job, I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work, but God always provides. Years later, a prayer I have fervently and consistently prayed has been answered. I stepped foot on Ugandan soil and met the beautiful girl that has changed my life. To know that God is using me to transform her life is overwhelming but so rewarding. It was also a good reminder that, according to His will, God answers our smallest prayers and our biggest dreams. When we walk in the ways of our Savior, He promises to lead us to His righteousness. If God is putting it on your heart to sponsor, seek His wisdom and then obey. The little we give multiplies as it makes its way over the ocean. We are called to declare His glory among the nations, let us not waste the opportunity to do so.


Fairview Baptist Church:


This is a photo of the members of the Fairview Baptist Church in Forest Hill, WV. This small church has come alongside Victory 1:27 in a big way. Not only have they decided to sponsor Shumayiya, but they have also committed to send her through medical school. In the words of one of their members " This is the gift that keeps on giving. Our investment in Shumayiya will not only help her, but will help so many others as well." We are so thankful for these new partners in the ministry!

The Trout Family:

God has used Victory 1:27 to open my world to His world. Not by sending money each month to send a child to school, but by praying for another child of His and in turn seeing Him open her eyes and heart to Him. Since becoming a sponsor, I have seen the humble prayers of other sponsors and board members move mountains in the country of Uganda as God heals and rescues and displays His never failing love time and time again. This partnership with Victory 1:27 has given my family and me a small glimpse of the kingdom He is building with our meager pennies and meek prayers. 

The Barnhill Family:

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…” Jesus loves all of them, none are excluded, all are worthy, from our own children to those in faraway places we may have never heard of or may never go. Our children, those children, He loves them all.

When our son and daughter in law were on the mission field, they visited Victory Covenant Church (supported by Victory 1:27). They met their sponsored child, and his family, and told us about the good work that is being done to make sure the children receive schooling, food, and shelter. Everything we have always been able to provide for our own children. These words spoke deep into our hearts and reminded us that Jesus taught His disciples to welcome the children. In a culture that did not place a high value on children, Jesus commanded the disciples to welcome them. He wanted His disciples to understand that if they would welcome a child in His name, they welcomed Him. We decided that being a sponsor is one way to do as Jesus did and welcome a precious child into our hearts. Our reason for sponsoring a child with Victory 1:27 is simple but carries eternal significance…love the children.

Jacquelyn Duggins:

Through Victory 1:27 I have had the chance to sponsor Rose and James in Kampala, Uganda. These two young children have not only changed my life but the way I think and prioritize my life. It’s easy to give when your pockets and bank account are full. However, for the past year, I have not been able to make the salary I once did. Rose and James have showed me that I need to prioritize and say no to some things so that I can have the funds to sponsor them each month. They have taught me that I don’t “need” as much as I think I do. They need me, though. This sponsorship is the lifeline to help them out of their poverty or any situation they are in. They are depending on me. I don’t want to let them down. I love them. They are my Uganda children and I want them to have an education, food, and clothing. I don’t need the latest or the greatest. I need them to have the essentials. V127 has showed me how to sacrifice for what’s most important in my life, helping children in need.

Megan Duggins:

To say that sponsoring Samuel Kabanda has changed my life is an understatement. Since going into my junior year of high school, Sam has held a very big and special place in my heart. After I first heard Sam’s story, God made it inevitably clear that I was meant to sponsor him. My decision to take Sam was a huge leap of faith, as I was in high school and was trying to figure out how I would be able to afford the monthly payments. With it being 35 dollars per month, I began to fervently pray for God’s provision; and through different jobs and such, each month’s payment has been supplied. It is just another example of how when you simply trust, God provides. Sam has taught me so much about genuine love and faith. He has dealt with hardships in his short lifetime, yet he choices to trust in the ever Faithful One.  The letters I have received from him have become a treasure. Hearing about his life and how he is growing gives me a pure sense of joy and pride. While I have never met him, our hearts our connected. The love of Jesus transcends every known barrier, and that is why a sophomore in college can connect and truly love a 10-year-old boy living in Kampala, Uganda. GOD’S POWER HAS NO BOUNDARIES!!! I pray fervently for Sam and that he will continue to grow and burn with passion for Jesus! I firmly believe that we must pray for our brothers and sisters who are fighting to be a light in all corners of the world. God desires for us, as His children, to love sacrificially and spread the Gospel! My relationship with Sam has taught me to love deeper and more passionately. Jesus is the ultimate example of how to give with a grateful heart, and Sam has helped me grow to be more like Jesus. I can not adequately describe how Sam has changed my heart. I pray that if you feel God is pressing on your heart to sponsor a child, that you will simply trust Him and follow His calling. It forever changed my life, I know it will do the same for you. 

The Steljes Family:

I had been a 1 to 2 pack a day smoker for the last 35 years.  Finally, with the encouragement from my wife and children, I decided it was time to stop.  Besides the benefits to my health, we were going to save about $8 a day on average from the cost of the cigarettes.  We were going to try and do something positive with this money in order to gain an additional benefit from quitting the habit.  We talked about investing it in our retirement or paying additional on our mortgage.  That Sunday however, Jan was showing the congregation a video about the Victory 1:27 project in Uganda.  Kim and I were immediately taken with the plight of the children and the efforts of Pastor Herbert.  When the service was over we turned to each other and said we wanted to sponsor a child. 

After talking with Jan about it and agreeing to sponsor one child, we felt so good about it, and the potential of what God would do with our offering that we decided to sponsor 4 more.  God had inspired us to use the gifts he had given us and the freeing up of such gifts from the slavery of an addiction to allocate them to His use.  It is inspiring to know that such a small gift can do so much when applied with His guidance and love.  We love receiving the updates from our kids on their progress and the loving letters we receive from them.  The reward to us is as great as the progress we see in Angel, Ronen, Grace, Priscilla, and Peace Whitney.

Dennis Steljes

The Farmer Family:

I remember the day that God began to speak to Jan about Victory 127.  Having Pastor Herbert go to the woman’s retreat was not just a miracle but a God send.  Looking back on all of this it is so apparent how much God had a part in all of this and saving these precious children of God. 

I had co-sponsored a child with my sister through Samaritan Ministries many years ago.  I only sponsored him for a year because I was so let down by the lack of connection that we had with him that I didn’t feel that the children got the best interest or majority of our financial support.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Victory 127.  Any of us who are a part of Victory 127 can testify how much we are connected to these children and the ministry.  They are truly one of our children.

Manday is an orphan and without Victory 127 I don’t know how he would have been able to have a chance to go to school and get an education.  We have watched Manday grow so much with every letter and every report card that comes; what a big improvement in his English and his grades.  I can only hope that his future will be brighter and more successful than he would have had without Victory 127.

The Dearborn Family:

My daughter wanted to take karate lessons.  That is when it really hit me what an amazing ministry Victory 1:27 is.  As I watched my six year old joyously "hi-ya!" her way through the free trial class, I knew we would have to find the $120.00 a month needed to pay for regular lessons.  Because that's what good parents do, right?  They pay for lessons when their kids find things they enjoy and have interest in.  As I sat there thinking about what a good parent I was going to be, it hit me; $120.00 a month was enough money to feed and educate 3 children through Victory 1:27, with $15.00 leftover for a family trip to Sweet Frog.  And let's be real here, frozen yogurt pegs the meter on the good parent scale. 

We are now sponsoring four children through Victory 1:27, and the joy it has brought my kids through friendships made cannot be quantified in karate kicks.  The beautiful pictures of our Ugandan children grace our fridge, albeit crookedly from little fingers constantly taking them down to look at them more closely.  They are always in our hearts, and their letters are looked forward to with a joy akin to Christmas.

In the words of our newest child, Roger: "I am thankful to God for having given me a friend like you."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Teresa & Jesse O'Donnell: 

Jesse and I made the decision in 2014 to sponsor a child through Victory 1:27.   The program had been in full swing for a while, but we had never become a sponsor, and wondered if another monthly commitment was something we wanted to take on along with all our other bills.  We had felt God asking us to trust Him for the provision though.

The next time Jan got a new group of children who needed sponsors, we contacted her.  We went through the group and read their stories.  Derick's story was sad, but it wasn't the saddest in the group.  He had been abandoned by his father, but was with his mother - who was a new Christian.  She simply couldn't afford to send him to school.  So it wasn't just his sad story that drew us to Derick, but it was his sad eyes.  He appeared to be one of the saddest children I believe I had ever seen.  I saw no hope in his eyes.  His age was very close to that of our granddaughter, Sophia, as well - so I just knew he was the child that God wanted us to help.

It was truly exciting the first time we got his report card to learn how well he is doing in school.  It's the same pride and love we have for our own children and grandchild.  I look forward to every correspondence to and from Derick, and I think of him as a part of our family.  

Derick's picture hangs in our kitchen window, so we can see it daily and pray for him.  When I pray for Derick, I pray first for his salvation.  I want to meet this son of mine one day in Heaven.  His education here on Earth will mean very little to his "real" future if he doesn't come to know the Lord as his personal Savior.

The $35 per month has never been a burden as the Lord has always provided what we needed.

Philippians 4:19(NIV)   And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

The pictures we just received from Jan show a different boy.  His eyes aren't as sad anymore, and we pray he is healthy and happy and growing in his knowledge - both at school and in the Lord.

derick 2014.jpg

Tony Anzalone:


The Duggins Family:

Our family has been so blessed to sponsor Acirocan and Jeisson through Compassion International. When we began to sponsor a child through Victory 1:27 we felt a personal connection since we had been able to meet Pastor Herbert. I must say that it is different to see Joan’s picture on our refrigerator and to receive a copy of her report card. To have a personal connection really does make a difference.  We are praying that we can do more in the future.