New Children

We are excited to share that we have just received 6 new children and they have all received a sponsor! Click through the pictures to see the newest members of our family. Please fill out the sponsor form above if you would like to change a life, and we will inform you when the next group becomes available.


"What would you say to someone considering sponsorship?"

Victory 1:27 Sponsor Testimony

Victory 1:27 Child Testimony



"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it."   Proverbs 3:27

"If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking daily food, and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled," without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?"  James 2:15-16

"Only,  they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do"    Galatians 2:10

How to sponsor

$35.00 per month provides food, shelter, and education for a child in need.  

If you are interested in sponsorship, please click the button below or email Jan Crouthamel at directly. Either way, she will establish a dialogue with you and explain the options for sponsorship as well as the process in detail. She will do her best to address any questions or concerns.

If paying monthly, the $35 is due by the 10th of every month. The money for term payments ($140.00 each term) needs to be received by the 10th of each month due: January 10, May 10, and September 10. If wanting to pay the $420.00 annually, Jan will work out the yearly payment date. Funds can be sent via postal mail service or online giving options are also available.

Once all of the arrangements have been confirmed with Jan, a sponsor will receive a sponsor card similar to the one pictured here.  An update will be emailed or postal service delivered each trimester with an update of the student’s progress in the boarding school that he/she is currently enrolled. The sponsor can write to the sponsored child and it will be forwarded via email once Jan receives the correspondence. Internet and email are being utilized as much as possible to keep administrative costs to a minimum.

The school terms in Uganda function on a trimester basis: 

  • First term: Jan, Feb, & March (Holiday in April)

  • Second term: May, June, & July (Holiday in August)

  • Third term: Sep, Oct, & Nov (Holiday in Dec)

Report cards are e-mailed three times a year from Uganda. We currently have children in 32 different schools. Below are sample report cards from Ugandan schools as well as a sample of the sponsorship card. 

Sponsorship Options

Uganda Options: 

Child Sponsorship: You can sponsor a child through monthly ($35), per term($140), or yearly giving($420). The child sponsorship will send a child to school where they will receive food, shelter, and a great education. With the sponsorship, you can talk first hand to your child through the use of letters, and you will be amazed how these kids will love you and end up encouraging you as much as you encourage them!

Rice and Beans: Money collected from the rice and beans fund is sent to Uganda every month for the sole purpose of feeding families in need. Pastor Herbert and his team buy food in bulk and distribute it to those who need it the most. This can be any amount given at any time. Many of our sponsors are saving their change in a rice and beans jar and using it to help hungry families. 

Higher Education: We are committed to supporting these children until they are able to support themselves and break the cycle of poverty. This means taking them through some type of higher education, whether that is a university or a trade school. Their sponsorship continues, but we are committed to raising the money to fill the the gap between sponsorship provision and the cost of higher education. This is where we need your help.

General Fund: This fund is used to help with medical emergencies, paying rent for those in crisis, and other unexpected needs. 

Sponsor Expectations

As the Stewardship Team for the Victory 1:27 ministry, we want to communicate our expectations regarding child sponsorship. Our desire is for each and every one of our Victory 1:27 children to experience the love and hope found only in Christ through His people. Their situations are unimaginable to most of us here in the United States, but our investment helps them. We hope that this will assist you in understanding our heart behind our mission to these children. The approach is two-fold: sponsor payment and sponsor communication.


The cost to sponsor a child is $35 per month. We understand that to some this is a sacrifice. We have sponsors from all ages and walks of life, and the amount of sacrifice needed to give $35 each month is very different for each individual or family. We would ask you to not take this commitment lightly. Pray about it. Search your heart and see if this is where the Lord would have you honor Him with a portion of your income. If you have signed up to sponsor a child and do not send payment as committed, that child does not receive money to eat or attend school. We do not have other sources of income to support these precious children if your money does not arrive on time. It’s very simple, and we wanted to be as honest and candid as possible about the reality of their situation in Uganda and how your money completely changes their lives.

If two consecutive monthly payments are not received and there is no form of communication regarding the reasons or circumstances, then it will be considered a hardship for the sponsor. At this point, another sponsor will be pursued to ensure that the child in Uganda receives consistent food, shelter, and education.


Our children in Uganda are in desperate need of love, affirmation, and encouragement. The beautiful part about being so closely connected with them through Pastor Herbert is that we can email them almost directly. Our desire is for each sponsor to write to their child a minimum of once each school term and at Christmas. (at least 4 times per year) We believe that the sponsor relationship will be most effective and encouraging to both parties when done on a monthly basis. Our lives are busy and we know that, but we want to encourage you to take time to pray for your children, and then write to them. The letters do not need to be lengthy. You have no idea what personal letters that express words of love and encouragement do for these children. Please make communication with them a priority, just as you would anyone else in your life that means something special to you. All letters can be emailed to Jan Crouthamel and she will forward them to Pastor Herbert in Uganda. He or his staff will then give them directly to the children. Jan’s email is Our mission is challenging and requires strategic planning to ensure success. May we encourage you with a belief that King David expressed in 2 Samuel 24:24..... “I will not offer to the Lord a sacrifice that costs me nothing.”

Thank you so much for your partnership in this ministry!

Your Stewardship Team,

Jan Crouthamel, Tim Duggins, Luke Crouthamel, Renee Honaker, Lisa King, Jacquelyn Duggins, Lisa King, Bobby Berrey, Leeta Louk