Scope of the Vision

There is no limit to the impact of people helping people. When people respond to God's plan of helping those who cannot help themselves, great things begin to happen. This simple belief is how Victory 1:27 was birthed and this is how it will continue to flourish. Regardless of your country of origin, the message of Jesus of Nazareth is all about grace and faith. To these simple truths, we are committed. 



The power of impacting children and families is realized through the ability to partner together for the greater good for the glory of God. 


It all began as a friendship that revealed a need that grew into a partnership. These were the early days of the launch of Victory Covenant and the support to construct from concerned brothers & sisters who shared a similar passion for Jesus.

Steward Team

These team members embrace the responsibility of being stewards of God's ministry. They typically meet on the third Tuesday of each month to pray, manage, promote, and perpetuate the impact of Victory 1:27. These volunteers are deeply devoted to the mission of helping needy children and families.

The members are listed below as shown above from left to right.

Bobby Berrey: CFO of Madison Wood Preservers and MWP Supply; Madison, Va

Tim Duggins: Lead Pastor MVC; Madison, Va

Jan Crouthamel: Victory 1:27 Team Leader & TC2 Design Office Manager; Madison, Va

Leeta Louk: Madison County Clerk of Court; Madison, Va

Luke Crouthamel:  Project Manager for National Ground Intelligence Center; Charlottesville, Va

Jacquelyn Duggins: Administration at National Ground Intelligence Center; Charlottesville, Va

The Beginning of the Journey

by Jan Crouthamel

Pastor Herbert (in the top left of the photo) with the ladies of Mountain View Chapel

Pastor Herbert (in the top left of the photo) with the ladies of Mountain View Chapel

Victory 1:27-Uganda was born out of a study of the NT book of James.  I was studying James with a group of ladies in the fall of 2012, and we had just covered chapter 1.  I was meditating on James 1:27, “ True religion that God the Father accepts as pure and faultless is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  I was focused on the last part of this verse when I felt compelled to consider the first part of the verse.  “What, Lord?  What does this verse mean for me?   Show me what you want me to do with this truth.”  I prayed.  I did not get an immediate response so I headed off to get ready for a women’s conference over the weekend.

Pastor Herbert, our dear friend and faithful minister from Uganda, was visiting us for a few days.  My husband Tom told Herbert that I would be leaving for the weekend to attend a women’s conference with a lot of the ladies from the MVC family. Herbert said he wanted to attend. I was startled. “Tell him it’s for women”, I said, “He won’t be comfortable with 10,000 women! Please talk him out of it.”  Tom tried, but to no avail.  Herbert said that he had a church full of women and he might learn something to bring back to them.  It was at that point that I realized, if God wanted Herbert at a women’s conference then who was I to talk him out of it?

It was a great conference with dynamic speakers and a presentation by Compassion International.  As we were driving home late Saturday night, I asked Herbert what he thought of Compassion.  He said he thought it was a great organization, but he had never been able to get them to consider any of his orphans.  My head and my heart jumped to full alert. “What orphans?” I said, “I didn’t know you were caring for any orphans.”  He went on to tell me that they had been trying to care for about 25 children through their ministry, Victory Covenant Church.  Some were sleeping at the church, some had a mother but not enough money for food, and not one of them had enough money for school. The public education system in Uganda is a mess, and the only hope for a good education is a boarding school. Herbert and his congregation of mostly single women were doing all they could to help these children, but they desperately needed help themselves.  “How can I get help for these children?” he asked me.  He went on to tell me that for about $35.00 a month, he could get a child into a boarding school where they would receive food, shelter, and an education.  My mind was whirling.

The next morning Herbert spoke in the morning service at MVC.  It was a beautiful service but he did not mention anything about these children.  At the conclusion, my heart was beating out of my chest, and I knew that I had no choice but to stand and speak.  I asked for 5 minutes.  I shared with our Mountain View Family my conversation with Herbert the night before.  I told them about James 1:27 and how I had been asking God what he wanted me to do with that verse.  Then I asked our church to pray about what God would have us do with this information regarding such a serious need. I asked them to pray for these precious children and those in Uganda who were trying to rescue them.

Our leadership team shared my passion for these children and Herbert’s heart to help them. Meetings happened and plans were made while Herbert was still in the states. A process to implement a plan was established. Months later, Tom (my husband) and Philip Morris were in Uganda for a first-hand experience of the need and the potential for change. As I am sitting at the table processing sponsors and connecting them with children in desperate circumstances, I am amazed by the grace of God. I am encouraged at how God the Father can take a response of faith and transform a life.   We are praying that God will take these small beginnings, multiply our investments, and change the lives of hundreds of children in the process. Please partner with us to help those in Uganda who cannot help themselves.

Wife, Mother, and Victory 1:27-Uganda Sponsor


Philip and Tom's Survey Trip to Uganda (February 2013)